Vital Friends

Vital Friends: The People You Can't Afford to Live Without

I’ve just finished reading Tom Rath’s Vital Friends: The People You Can’t Afford to Live Without. I have not read his prior bestselling “How Full is Your Bucket?”, but I found Vital Friends to be a remarkably informative book.

Yet Another Excuse NOT to Get Married

I was recently informed about a new website called Dodgeball that, unbelievably to me, has been purchased by Google. Now, in theory, anything that Google does is typically genius or at least smart. This, however, was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Which means, of course, that it necessarily involves cell phones. Almost every “cool” website that uses any kind of interfacing with cell phones, is typically, about as uncool and geeky as I can imagine.

Internet to Blame for Lack of Close Friends?

Techdirt pointed out that, according to Network World, the internet is partly to blame for our lack of close friends these days. It is an interesting study that was done that shows that although people might have hundreds of friends on social networks like MySpace and Friendster, they have fewer close friends then ever.

Close friends are defined as someone who you can talk about “important matters”. I suppose that varies from person to person, but it still rings true to me that people are definitely more scatter-brained and less-focused than I can ever remember.

Obadiah’s Song

I had asked my friend, Dietrich Browne, if he would consider playing a few songs at the service. We had decided only to have a graveside service. Partly, unlike someone who is older, there just isn’t much for people to say in the way of a Eulogy for a newborn or small child. But then, again, there seems to be something kind of sweet and innocent about that. Like there is such meaning to this life even though the person never accomplished anything or formed any great relationships or whatever. We just have to honor his short life for what it was - a creation from God, a blessing, a gift.

Long Lost Friends

Sort of a “where are they now?”, this is a list of some friends that I once had - some good friends, some just acquaintances, that I’d like to hear from. I made a token effort to Google them but didn’t find much. Yes, of course, if I had the time, I could probably hunt them down like rabbits! But I always hate that first question, “How in the world did you ever find me?” and then, if I tell them truth, it is always a little scary to them since they realize that my mind is perhaps more cunning than most of the people on the FBI’s Most Wanted. Always a tough hurdle to overcome when you first get back in touch with someone - ha ha. So, I figured, I’m busy anyway, so I’ll just post this and see if anyone contacts me over the next year or so. Another friend of mine did this on his blog and I thought it was a pretty cool idea.

Types of Friends

We’ve learned the hard way that the two main types of people are loyal and non-loyal. It can be hard to know up front which type of person someone is, so I’m working to devise a series of tests to be posted here later.

Within the loyal camp, there are two main types: Obsessively Loyal (The Stalker), and Just Plain Loyal (The Faithful Friend). The Stalker is obsessed with you as a person, may mention you as a “close friend” when you are not, may find ways to insert him or herself into every aspect of your life, even though you’ve made very little overture to that person, if at all, other than to be pleasant or polite. The Stalker may place the importance of “being with you” over and above normal daily functions like showering, or paying bills on time.

Problems with Florida

I think home is what you make of it. Just stay put and good things will happen to you. Build relationships, build your community. Don’t hate the outsiders that come and visit - or stay!


Avery Name Badge - Name badge labels - white - 50 pcs.I have a friend who once told me that he knew he had finally “made it” because he no longer had a job where he had to wear a name tag to work. For a long time, that defined for me the essence of “making it” as well.

Letter to a Christian friend missing from Church

I’m writing to express my concern over your absence at church. Please understand that I am writing out of love and concern for you and your family. I also want you to know that I am writing this on my own accord. It is only my idea, and I have not been encouraged or requested to do so by any other persons.

I don’t anticipate this letter will be long, for if there is any key point, it is that I just wanted you to know that I know you have been missing and that you will now know I know you are missing and you will know I am concerned. Largely, I hope that to be sufficient reason for you to return to church, that is, the concern of a fellow believer, and if that was all that needed to be said, my first sentence accomplished that.