Yes, it’s true: I actually read some of my spam email. Not the stock investment stuff, or the crazy sex stuff. But occasionally, I’ll get a spam email that has no links to any websites, no graphics or images, no nothing… except rambling text.

This is my favorite one so far that I got back on July 11. I haven’t modified it at all, except by changing the line breaks and adding some punctuation, so it looks as poetic as it sounds. I also got rid of a trailing “the” at the end of the missive. It was from a Lila Jorgensen.

You’ll be saying good-bye yet!
We were off.
The institute was on our right, was adrift in a strange, strange sky,
forgetting, remembering, forgetting;
He showed so many teeth,
you’d think I was flattering him beyond all.
By sunrise, there were nearly a thousand birds standing outside.

Personally, I think it is beautiful. Maybe I’ll start a collection of spam poetry.

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