1. Men communicate better. Women do communicate better in most other areas of life. Men are direct, to the point, and make few allowances for failure or emotional differences that can’t be tied to logical results and behaviors. Phrases like “I just think…” and “We’re all trying…” are not uncommon from women when attempting to persuade.

2. Men come to work to work. Women come to work to, well, be there. But men work for more than money. They are there to work - not socialize, not make new friends, not share photos of children, not plan lunches that involve tupperware. In fact, most men yearn greatly for a sense of accomplishment more than anything. Some women do come to work to work, but most often it is a form of escape. They are not there to build, to create, to leave legacies behind.

3. Men don’t submit. Women do. This is something that is radically altering the American workforce. The impression has come to be that submission, tolerance, and putting your “best foot” forward is supposed to be a good thing these days. I don’t think so. That is why companies now spend millions on pre-employment personality testing. They have to come want, essentially, a neutered workforce. They want “yes men”. Why rock the boat? That’s what a women might say.

4. Women are, by nature, clock-watchers. Men are, by nature, project-watchers. There is a big difference. A man looks at a project and says “How much more work on this project can I squeeze in today?”. A women looks at the day and says “How many hours left until I can stop working on this project?”. Fundamentally, it alters their work behaviors.

5. Women think little of bringing home to work. Men prefer to leave home at home. Women will not hesitate to bring things such as multiple photos. Women will bring recipes to work to exchange recipes. Women will bring catalogs to work and, unless prohibited, will often be seen discussing them during work hours. Women also tend to take multiple personal calls each day - often from multiple people (husband, son, daughter, sister, neighbor, etc).

6. Women are quick to make broad sweeping statements, but even more quick to accuse others of the same. Women will not hesitate to announce that “all men are scum” (which, may in fact, be true), but would pounce like a cheetah on any man that made a similar disparaging remark about “all women”.

7. Women transfer their guilt or displeasure of work on others. Men absorb this internally, for better or worse. Women will appear unhappy, make comments like “I’m having a terrible day”, or, in general, look as if they are taking pain medication to get through the afternoon. Men rarely do this. If they have a genuine problem, they will usually address it with the appropriate parties to work toward a resolution. They do not seek sympathy from others.

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