Are we so dumb we can’t nail these Al-Qaeda guys on the internet yet? We have people in South Korea being hospitalized from playing video games for days on end - and even dying - (and the US is likely to follow - just look at the massive hype over the new Xbox 360 or PSP3). Our children are busy failing math at an alarming rate. We have IT guys busy creating server farms for Microsoft, security guys busy keeping PayPal and eBay secure from hackers, and national law enforcement busy trying to restructure itself and get away from their infamous “jack-booted thug” image they worked so hard to earn with such lovely showdowns as Ruby Ridge, David Koresh, and Elian Gonzalez.

Now, we’re supposed to believe they are friendly hurricane helpers. But they seem incapable of stopping this kind of nonsense. Where’s the real hackers when you need them?

DUBAI (Reuters) - Al Qaeda has put job advertisements on the Internet asking for supporters to help put together its Web statements and video montages, an Arabic newspaper reported.

The London-based Asharq al-Awsat said on its Web site this week that al Qaeda had “vacant positions” for video production and editing statements, footage and international media coverage about militants in Iraq, the Palestinian territories, Chechnya and other conflict zones where militants are active. The paper said the Global Islamic Media Front, an al Qaeda-linked Web-based organization, would “follow up with members interested in joining and contact them via email.”

The paper did not say how applicants should contact the Global Islamic Media Front. Al Qaeda supporters widely use the Internet to spread the group’s statements through dozens of Islamist sites where anyone can post messages. Al Qaeda-linked groups also set up their own sites, which frequently have to move after being shut by Internet service providers. The advertisements, however, could not be found on mainstream Islamist Web sites where al Qaeda and other affiliate groups post their statements.

Asharq al-Awsat said the advert did not specify salary amounts, but added: “Every Muslim knows his life is not his, since it belongs to this violated Islamic nation whose blood is being spilled. Nothing should take precedence over this.”

So, any reason we can’t start advertising for hackers to destroy Asharq al-Awsat’s website? Seems we could give the 14-year old’s of America something constructive to do.

What we need to do is hack through these ISP’s, find out where exactly these terrorist thugs are posting their little videos, like, exactly what internet cafe in Beirut or Amman or Al-Khobar or Baghdad — and then blow it off the map with a little F16 flyover — start teaching these public terminal operators to monitor whose using their stuff.

It sounds like the terrorists will be working for free. I think a few American companies still use this line — “Work here because the work we are doing is so very important. You’ll understand if we can’t pay you much to start, but once we get fully operational…” Now the terrorists are using our capitalist recruiting techniques over our internet to use our aircraft and explosive technology to blow us up. They should probably buy some Pearl Jam CD’s to listen to while working on their bomb packs, which should probably be sewn into Levi’s jean jackets. These guys betray their own culture more than we ever have.

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