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However, many people don’t want website updates clogging up their email box which they reserve for personal or business communications.

Then, if you don’t already know about it, you should consider using a “feedreader”. Many websites these days publish a feed of their content, sometimes known as an RSS feed. You can use a stand-alone program to subscribe to feeds of websites you are interested in and read them in the program when you have some free time. This is what I do. I particularly recommend Thunderbird, especially if you are looking to manage email and feeds in one handy interface. If you can’t break away from your current email program, give Firefox a try as a webbrowser. You can read and subscribe to feeds from right within the browser. Incidentally, Internet Explorer has also introduced this functionality (finally!) into version 7.

Alternatively, you can also use a web-based feedreader. Even Yahoo! allows you to subscribe to feeds and put them on your home page. You can put the latest articles of Wired Magazine, or even Florida Today - or my website articles - all in one handy reader. For information about how to find feeds, or subscribe to them, I’d recommend the article from Wikipedia here.

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