There are really only three main reasons you should consider making a donation to Salberg.Org.

  1. An article on the site proved especially helpful to you and you wish you could say thank you for the advice with something more than just a thank-you email (although I value those quite highly).
  2. You “get it” and want to support the site or encourage me and my family to keep plugging along
  3. You are a millionaire and are looking for solid thinkers with whom to invest a portion of your fortune.

Donating is simple and secure. It only takes a minute. You simply click on the link below and you will be taken to a PayPal form already setup. You can donate any amount, although I think a $1.00 is the minimum it will allow.

After you specify the amount, you can login to your paypal account, if you already have one, or create one. I’ll get an email telling me you deposited money in my paypal account and why.

If you’d rather not send money via this method, you can simply mail a check payable to “Lawrence Salberg” to PO Box 714, Melbourne, FL 32902.

Thanks for thinking about supporting this site.

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