Finally, here is my top ten guitar gods. What qualifies as being a guitar god? Well, naturally the individual has to be simply the best. Technical expertise in music is rated first, and showmanship second. Before anyone flies off the handle because I didn’t inlude Hendrix or Clapton or (fill in the blank), keep in mind I had to limit this to the “Top Ten”. Jimi and Eric were and are great guitar players, but I personally didn’t feel they were the best. However, some in the “Top Ten” below have will never have a platinum album, so being a guitar god isn’t everything. I tried to include guitar playing that was accessible, mostly electric, and avoided classical and jazz guitar players - or at least such players who played exclusively classical and jazz. Frankly, I just don’t have enough personal depth in that field to make a judgement.

  1. Yngwie Malmsteen
  2. Joe Satriani
  3. Randy Rhoads
  4. Tony MacAlpine
  5. Kirk Hammett
  6. Steve Vai
  7. Zakk Wylde
  8. Michael Schenker
  9. Eddie VanHalen
  10. Peter Frampton
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