Mismanagement at Planned Parenthood

Is there anyone left who truly believes that Planned Parenthood is a great civic community service? Even if you aren’t prolife and opposed to abortion, you’d have to be a blind follower to keep defending Planned Parenthood in this day and age.

As you may know, in many areas across the country, the gloves have come off in dealing with Planned Parenthood and its misguided minions. Planned Parenthood, like many abortion clinics, is so desperate for profits they have spent a half-century lying and covering up its many illegal and unethical actions.

For instance, Planned Parenthood, although founded by a racist,Margaret Sanger, has always insisted that there is no overall ideology that specifically targets blacks and minorities for abortion over and above whites. Although many prolife activists have long since known otherwise (just stand outside an abortion clinic for a few days and do the math), many allegations are now surfacing of this practice being a key component of Planned Parenthood’s operational tactics. Read the following report or if you can handle an almost chilling recording in which Planned Parenthood operators is more than willing to take money from a person posing as an avowed racist, see the following YouTube video - as long as it stays up. I’m sure Planned Parenthood is doing its best to get it removed.

Abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood have long been in the building of protecting child molesters and allowing them to continue their behavior. Whenever a thorough investigation of their facilities and patient records have been done, discrepancies have always cropped up. Minors having abortions are near routine at many Planned Parenthood facilities. Of course, it is rare for these audits to be done as Planned Parenthood, like many abortion clinics, vigorously declines access to its records (using the grounds of “patient privacy”). Many women have come forth in the past two decades admitting that their abortion was paid for in-person by men twice their age and the clinic, in defiance of state laws requiring medical providers to report all cases of suspected rape of minors, happily took the money and proceeded with the abortion, aiding and abetting the rapist of disposing of the “evidence” of his deeds.

The latest attempt by Planned Parenthood to defend it’s actions, as reported by the Family Research Council, has to do with the ongoing legal battles in Kansas. The State Attorney General, Phil Kline, is proceeding forth on an investigation of Planned Parenthood’s activities there - and he has the medical records to back it up (after finally winning them in a protracted legal battle). Now, Planned Parenthood, as they have continued to fight over the records (claiming that Kline mishandled them while he had them in his possession - an argument going nowhere fast), has tried to explain obvious and disturbing inconsistencies between a set of records that Planned Parenthood submitted to the court that was supposed to be a match of the one’s in Kline’s possession.

Their defense? I’ll let Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council describe it:

“So far, PP’s only defense for the inconsistent records is that the clinic didn’t have a copy machine in 2003 and all of its record keeping was done by hand. Planned Parenthood has an annual budget of $1 billion, and a special affiliate that focuses on medical records, but it can’t afford a copy machine?”

If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be hilarious. The incompetence of Planned Parenthood shouldn’t be too easily laughed at, however. They are an aggressive and serious organization who, like many despots on the final weeks of a regime, are far more dangerous than ever.

It should come as no surprise to Brevard County citizens that Planned Parenthood is dead-set (no pun intended) on opening up a full-service abortion clinic in Melbourne or Palm Bay, although they are also considering Cocoa. They would like it to happen by year end are working hard with various “progressive” groups in Brevard to find space. With Brevard County not having an abortion clinic for several years, Planned Parenthood feels there is a significant market for their “business” here. One simple look at all the child molesters living here in Brevard would lead one to conclude that perhaps they know something of which we ought to be more aware.

State regulators and city and county officials need to be absolutely certain they don’t take for granted a single word of what Planned Parenthood representatives say or submit to gain clearance to put a facility here in Brevard. As Brevard was once the site of some of the largest protests in the prolife movement, it will only be a matter of weeks or months after Planned Parenthood opens before every happenstance of how they obtained their facility in Brevard becomes a matter of public record. Any business or government official who cut even a single corner to help Planned Parenthood slide into Brevard will likely not only be held accountable by prolife groups (which is arguably half the population of Brevard County), but could also be liable for any illegal actions that Planned Parenthood continues to perform while in Brevard County.

While it might be funny for some to see the incompetence and mismanagement of Planned Parenthood (and I confess I have a hard time not laughing myself), it would be a mistake to view their stupidity as a weakness. Like the despots I mentioned previously, their arrogance and disregard for law (as well as life), only serves to make them more dangerous in any community in which they are permitted a toehold.

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