George Eads and Trish Suhr - Separated at Birth?

Photos by Trish Suhr & RetnaEverytime I saw Trish Suhr on Style’s Clean House television show, I kept thinking she reminded me of someone. Someone I knew, someone on television, someone… Finally, it hit me a few days ago. Her mannerisms, her vocal inflections, her accent, and her looks are all very similar to actor George Eads.

Of course, I’m all too familiar with George Eads because I think I’ve seen nearly every episode of CSI in which he plays character Nick Stokes. According to their bios, I’m supposedly dead wrong. But maybe they have a common ancestor because the similarities are uncanny. If you know Trish or George, have them check out their genealogies together (they could use Geni which is a great way to share family histories).

In the meantime, I’m just going to assume that someone at a hospital got some paperwork mixed up because it’s just too uncanny. I realize that with 300 million Americans, we all probably look and act like someone - and of course, the famous people get compared all the time. Watch a few episodes of CSI and then watch Trish on Clean House (which is a great show in its own right) and tell me if you think I’m wrong. I never am wrong, so maybe this is a first for me. Could be history in the making. Just like the Patriots winning tonights game and going 16-0. Ugh… don’t get me started on that.

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This is so weird. I was just watching the first season of CSI on dvd, and I kept thinking that Nick reminded me of someone. Then I thought about Trish. I googled them to find out if they were brother and sister, and your post came up. I’m totally with you! They both have the southern accent, and there’s something about their smiles and their eyes. Even if they don’t know they are related we know the truth.

Who cares? Trish is quite a disappointment, if you ask me. She actually went to high school in Northern NJ, but she never mentions that. She is lying to the public and I think that’s unacceptable. There is nothing wrong with Wallkill Valley High School, but it doesn’t fit into the whole ‘act’. Tsk, tsk.

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