Delicious Bookmarks now available for Internet Explorer

If you are still using Internet Explorer rather than Firefox, it would have been difficult to take advantage of my recommendation in October 2006 to start using a web-based bookmarking system. At the time, I recommended using Delicious (see my own public bookmarks here).

Of course, Delicious has had a plugin available for Firefox users for a few years which makes bookmarking websites from within your browser as natural and easy as bookmarking the old way. But better. A lot better.

But Internet Explorer users would have had to visit the actual website every time they wanted to bookmark (or “favorite”) something. Worse, they would have to visit the Delicious website to see and view their bookmarks. Not intuitive.

But this week, Delicious has announced an extension for Internet Explorer users (for versions 6, 7 and the upcoming version 8) that you can download and use.

Personally, I would recommend that you not use Internet Explorer and switch browsers. You’ll thank me later. I have one friend who still uses Netscape Navigator - and brags about it, too. Also, some people are forced to use what their lousy employer gives them. So, if you’re stuck with Internet Explorer, try the new extension and start using Delicious.

Of course, the possibility exists that your employer may not let you add extensions to your installed version of Internet Explorer. But give it a try. Someone has to give those IT guys a run for their money.

As for me, I’m torn about the whole matter. Seriously. It grates me. I just wish support for Internet Explorer would die a quick death. Particularly Internet Explorer 6. Please, if you are still using Internet Explorer 6 (Win XP), click the upgrade gold shield on your computer and turn on automatic updates. Please. Do it for us poor web developers. There’s actually a campaign called “Save the Developers” that will learn you a bit about this if you can waste two minutes to peruse it. More importantly, you are definitely risking your security by continuing to use IE6.

I’m also still a bit concerned about the possible takeover of Yahoo (who owns Delicious). I previously mentioned what actions I would take if that happened. Today, billionaire Carl Icahn threatened to bring the whole matter back to the table (and he could do it possibly according to TechCrunch editor Mike Arrington’s thinking).

That’s why I signed up for a private beta from a new bookmarking website called Zigtag. If I get a chance to try it out, I’ll let you know if it’s worth switching over from Delicious, whether or not Microsoft buys Yahoo.

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